About the reception devoted to the 72th anniversary of the Great Victory

On 8 May a reception devoted to the 72-th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War took place in the residence of the Ambassador of Russia to Australia Grigory Logvinov. It the event took part ambassadors of Belarus, Czech Republic, China, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Mongolia, Serbia and Slovakia, representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia, diplomatic missions, Russian community.
The exhibitions with photographs of the Great Patriotic War, Russian cold weapon, medals and orders were organized for guests.
In his welcome speech the Ambassador of Russia emphasized the significance of remembering the Great Victory for Russians, Belarusians, Mongols, Serbs, Ukrainians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis and other nations, who fought together with the common evil of fascism.
He stated that attempts to rewrite the history and to distort the truth about the war are taking place in some countries. But it is impossible to forget the enormous suffering and losses of many millions of people, brought by the war to the mankind, especially to the people of the former USSR, China, Germany and Israel. It is highly important to remember about these tragic events for preventing the catastrophe of a world war in the future.