The meeting with an author of a book "Return to Moscow"

The Ambassador of Russia in Australia Grigory Logvinov and his spouse Irina welcome in the residence Tony Kevin, author of a book “Return to Moscow”, prominent retired Australian diplomat. The book is published in 2017 by UWA Publishing
(The University of Western Australia).

During the conversation Tony Kevin mentions that in his book he has tried to lift the veil of “Russian mystery” by sharing the impressions of his staying in our country.

Tony Kevin says that he visited Moscow for the first time during the height
of the Cold War when he was working as a diplomat in the Embassy of Australia in
the USSR. Tony Kevin confesses that he has the warmest memories of his posting in Moscow; it has been a pleasant surprise for him that Russians are very open and friendly. The book “Return to Moscow” is a candid, perceptive and sometimes sentimental testimony of a foreigner attached to Russia and its history, culture, music and literature.

The author’s observations during his return visit to Moscow in 2016 are of particular interest – this journey has given him a unique opportunity to compare the Soviet Union’s heyday of the late 1960s – early 1970s with the way of life in Russia today. It is a pleasure that the author is optimistic about the prospects of Russia, Russian-Australian relations, strengthening of bilateral cultural and scientific contacts.

It does not escape observation that Tony Kevin’s views concerning western policy towards Russia are unbiased and impartial. He has written a number of academic articles which are especially worthy of attention for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of Russia, its values and foreign policy motivations. His recent article concerning the relations between Russia and the USA, where Tony Kevin gives
an in-depth analysis of current events in an unprejudiced manner, comes out
on the eve of the meeting.

We are very grateful to Tony Kevin for his willingness to interact with the Embassy of Russia, we rely on further fruitable cooperation with the view of the enhancement of relations between our countries.