Outcomes of the V Yalta International Economic Forum

The V Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) took place on April 17-20, 2019. This forum is an annual international business event in the economic sphere that has been arranged in Crimea since 2015. Along with the Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum and the Sochi Investment Forum
it is one of the four biggest economic conferences held in Russia. The main theme
of the YIEF-2019 was «Global Future. Future of Russia».

More than 4500 people took part in the Forum this year which is one and a half times more than a year ago. YIEF-2019 was attended by 807 foreign participants from 89 countries, including Italy, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, USA, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran, China, India, Nicaragua, Ukraine and others. For the first time, the forum was visited by Australian delegates. Also, there were 51 representatives of the Russian regions.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the YIEF participants. In his message the Russian president emphasized that the forum is enhancing its prestige year after year while representatives of business circles, experts from various countries consider it as a well-recognised discussion platform for dialogue on topical matters of the agenda.

The Programme of the YIEF-2019 consisted of 69 business events, including 54 sections and three plenary sessions. The second Yalta conference «The Sanctions World. Global Challenges» took place in the Livadia Palace. The profile sections discussed prospects for the development of tourism, construction, winemaking, banking sector, retail, the formation of the business environment, international and interregional cooperation, information security, digital economy, cryptocurrency, intellectual property protection, digitalization of medicine, export issues and other topics. Traditionally, a significant part of the programme was devoted to the development of the Crimea.

V Yalta International Economic Forum resulted in 102 agreements for the total amount of 215 billion rubles. The Government of the Republic of Crimea and the Crimean development corporation concluded 8 agreements on cooperation in the implementation of investment projects. Within its framework it is planned to attract investments of about 8 billion rubles. The implementation of the agreements will create 1,730 jobs. The largest investment projects are planned to be realized in agriculture, tourism and IT.