Statement by the Ambassador of Russia to Australia Grigory Logvinov

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop dogmatically supported more than controversial conclusions of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT). Moreover, they demanded that Russia must express “repent” and arrange the amount of “reparations” to MH17 tragedy’s victims.

We have repeatedly expressed our attitude towards the quality of the JIT’s work. We have consistently brought all our arguments to the attention of the world community. Our position has been confirmed in the Statement of 24 May and in the Comment of 25 May by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. We also recommend to get acquainted with the conclusions made by the Ministry of Defence of Russia. The political assessment of the situation was provided by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

Despite of everything, all our efforts to commence a serious, solid and professional joint work are rejected out of hand. There is a well known style, a rough, clumsy algorithm. Dirty provocations are organized, and the guilty side is determined in advance. The so called “investigation” is conducted almost completely on the basis of information from social networks and several international non-governmental organisations, which have tainted themselves long ago by fakes, forgeries, primitive fabrications and so on.

Substancial legal, physical and other data, contesting all this fakes, are blatantly rejected and ignored. This unworthy style is clearly observed in the so called “Skripal’s case”, Syrian “chemical dossier”, and previously – in the fabrication of pretextes for military invasion to Yugoslavia and Iraq.

It was indicative, that now the attention is focused again on the MH370 disappearance investigation in connection with new expert conclusions, which document possible mistakes of the version, worked out by the international investigation team. In this case the Australian authorities do not deny the possibility, that the investigation is going in a wrong direction. However, they do not admit even a hint of such doubts regarding the MH17 tragedy.

Therefore, we obviously see double standards, which only confirm that we are dealing with preliminary planned provocation, and MH17 passengers, including Australian citizens, are its victims.

Anyway, Russia will continue to provide assistance so that the truth about the crash of flight MH17 is established, and the true perpetrators are brought to justice. However it is time to get rid of the illusion, that someone can speak with us in such a prosecutorial manner and expect that we will resignedly accept these unsubstantiated allegations.