A private (Home stay) visa is required for visitors invited by their relatives or friends.

Applications prepared using any other format will not be accepted. After filling the Electronic Visa Application form online on the website: http://visa.kdmid.ru, applicants will have to print a double sided copy of their application form, sign and date it, glue (not staple or use adhesive tape) the required size photo to it and submit this printed original form, along with other necessary documentation, to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia personally or by post or a visa agency.

Visa documents are accepted until 12.30 p.m. only.

Our postal address:

Embassy of the Russian Federation
78 Canberra Avenue, Griffith ACT 2603

When mailing your application along with all required documents a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope should be enclosed. Otherwise, your visa will not be processed. To avoid your correspondence being lost in mail, we recommend to use Express Post or Registered Post envelopes. Please note that we forward back only prepaid envelopes with the track number on it. The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation will not be responsible for any loss or mishandling of the mail by the Postal Service or any other delivery agent.

To obtain a visa you should submit to the Consular Section:

1. Double sided completed application form (http://visa.kdmid.ru), one per person. Application form must be signed and dated.

2. One professional passport sized photo (3,5 x 4.5 cm) The photo should be glued (not stapled or attached using adhesive tape) to the specially marked place of the application form.

3. National passport (original) valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of departure from Russia. At least one page of the passport should be free from notes.

4. Original letter of invitation issued by Federal Migration Service Office (FMS) or by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Every invitation must contain name in full, date of birth, citizenship and passport number of the applicant, name of hosting organization, reason and period of visit. Invitation must be signed by authorized person and carry the official seal. FAX OR SCANNED COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

5. Copy of itinerary (flight details).

Should the consular section of the Russian Embassy wish to contact you, please state clearly in the application form your contact telephone number (office and after hours).

Single Entry Visa is valid for one visit to Russia within the specified dates of arrival and departure.

Double Entry Visa is issued for two entries (all arrival and departure dates must be indicated).

Visa processing time starts only after the Consulate received all necessary documents. Please note, that drop-off day is not counted as a working day. If you apply by mail, please enclose a return self-addressed Courier envelope and add one more day for processing. After you receive your visa, please check it for possible mistakes (passport number, date of birth, term of validity etc.) and, if necessary, return it to us for corrections. The Consulate will not be responsible for the mistakes, which were not brought to its attention before your departure from Australia.

ATTENTION! There are additional requirements for non-Australian citizens (permit to study, work in Australia for more than 90 days, resident permit, etc.).

Citizens of the Russian Federation, regardless of any other citizenship they have, must travel to Russia on valid Russian documents only.

Our main priority is to process the visa applications. We are not always able to answer your individual requests by phone. Therefore you may send your enquires to the Consular Section by email: consul.australia@mid.ru or fax (02) 6295 1001.


Applications for a Guest Visa concerning close family members of a Russian citizen may be accepted without original FMS Invitation if they travel together and the Russian citizen is registered in Russia as a permanent dweller. Applications for visa must be submitted to the Consular Section by the Russian citizen in person only. The list of the required documents (but except of FMS Invitation) is the following:

1.       Personal letter to the Ambassador (please indicate names, IDs, dates of travel, places to visit, your home address in Russia)

2.       Russian international and internal passport.

3.       Travel documents as proof of travelling together

4.       Birth / or Marriage Certificate (with Apostille)

Please note that there is special timing for the visa issue in that exact case - this kind of visa can't be processed earlier that 10 days after the receipt of the application (but it's only 2 business days for an urgent processing if you’ve got a FMS Invitation).

Please, carefully fill in the visa information in the application form and follow all other requirements when submitting your papers. When applying be advised that the permission to enter the Russian Federation is a courtesy of the State. Consular officer reserves the right to invite the applicant to be interviewed in person.

Visa can be denied if the Consulate has serious reasons to believe that the applicant's visit to the Russian Federation is not desirable, and the disclosure of the reason for the denial can be withheld.

The validity and type of visa should be strictly connected to the purpose of visit. When in Russia, you cannot change your visa status i.e. from tourist to business or from business to guest and vice versa. To do that, you have to leave the country and re-enter on different visa.



Payments are to be made by money order or bank cheque written out in the name of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. We don't accept personal cheques, cash and credit cards.

 Type Visa

10 business days processing

2 business days processing

Single Entry Visa (not longer than 90 days)

135 AUD

270 AUD

Double Entry Visa (not longer than 90 days)

216 AUD

432 AUD



For further information about visa fees for other nationalities you may send an enquiry by e-mail to: consul.australia@mid.ru

The Consular Section will charge a full payment (subject to the visa type) for re-issuing a visa, if the Consular Section is not responsible for the mistakes in it, otherwise the visa will be re-issued free of charge.

Visa processing fees received from the applicant are not subject for reimbursement in case of subsequent refusal.

Photo requirements for visa application    (download)